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Skip Beat! Finally Our Night~ by SkipBEATmyHEART
Mature content
Skip Beat! Finally Our Night~ :iconskipbeatmyheart:SkipBEATmyHEART 10 4
GND 302 - Open and Shut (up) by Pika-la-Cynique GND 302 - Open and Shut (up) :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 344 115 Dragon Charmer by sandara Dragon Charmer :iconsandara:sandara 4,270 118 Red Vs Blue by QAuZ Red Vs Blue :iconqauz:QAuZ 538 36 Space in Blue by QAuZ Space in Blue :iconqauz:QAuZ 1,571 138 Heero and Duo no shirt by kracken Heero and Duo no shirt :iconkracken:kracken 114 25 deep blue by Apofiss deep blue :iconapofiss:Apofiss 3,950 85 GND 301 - Brass tacks by Pika-la-Cynique
Mature content
GND 301 - Brass tacks :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 367 137
Girl doodle by sandara Girl doodle :iconsandara:sandara 3,921 111 Blood Stain ch 3 cover by sigeel Blood Stain ch 3 cover :iconsigeel:sigeel 255 39 Roommates 591-593 - Last Waltz by AsheRhyder Roommates 591-593 - Last Waltz :iconasherhyder:AsheRhyder 159 102 Duo:My skateboard... O_o by Shinigami-chan02 Duo:My skateboard... O_o :iconshinigami-chan02:Shinigami-chan02 9 27 Undress With Style by Yamilisa Undress With Style :iconyamilisa:Yamilisa 30 41 Final Fantasy 7: Aerith by ZAKUGA Final Fantasy 7: Aerith :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 324 23 Final Fantasy 7: Tifa by ZAKUGA Final Fantasy 7: Tifa :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 552 37 Zack Fair Artwork Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core by MCAshe Zack Fair Artwork Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core :iconmcashe:MCAshe 221 26

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Shottis Commission Ch.4
A small chirping sound filled the air as the creature turned its head toward Øyvind, and then a sound like chirping covered in bubbles as the little head turned to Kara kneeling beside it. “What it is little one?” Kara asked.
More quiet sounds ensued and the baby curled up in the towel resting on Øyvind’s lap. “Heh, I think he’s made himself right at home. I wonder what he is though.”
“Looks like he has. It seems like he’s saying he likes us.” Kara was in awe. Øyvind nodded in agreement.
“How do you know it’s a ‘him’ Shottis?” Drake asked.
“Well I was just drying him off, so I’m pretty certain.” Was the answer, which made Drake blush slightly.
“His coloring is just as unique as he is.” Kaitlyn said as she moved closer to the blue and white patterned baby animal running a finger over its bill lightly. “What are we going to call him?”
Kara and
:icontalliya:Talliya 2 2
V-Day Reveal 4
V Day Reveal: The Reveal
[Manga Spoilers]
Having only a little food in his stomach was proving to be both a blessing and a curse, Kuon thought to himself as they all piled into the limo. He was nauseous, but his stomach had something to clench around as his nerves dances the jig.
The open fear on his face brought his mother to his side, “It will be alright Kuon, we’re here for you if nothing else.” She smiled gently at him and brushed her hand over his hair.
He gave her a tight smile, “Thank you.” Kuon curled into her side with one arm wrapped around his own waist trying his best to fight off his jitters before they arrived.
Upon their arrival he straightened and watched as Lory got out followed by his father and then his mother. He watched their smiling faces as the cameras flashed in their eyes a moment before exiting the limo himself. The reporters and paparazzi all paused momentarily as the new face none of them had ever seen began following closel
:icontalliya:Talliya 0 0
Valentine Applications - Gundam Wing Guys
Name: Duo Maxwell
Age: 23
Do you like to cuddle?: Yes.
Can we make-out?: Have you brushed your teeth?
A night in or dinner out?: Um, which do you prefer?
Ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries?: Both.
What makes you a good Valentine?: What doesn’t?
Would you cook for me?: Yes.
Would you let me cook for you?: Also yes.
Name: Triton Bloom (aka Trowa Barton)
Age: 23
Do you like to cuddle?: I love to cuddle.
Can we make-out?: Sure.
A night in or dinner out?: Either works for me.
Ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries?: Why not have them together?
What makes you a good Valentine?: *reads from paper Duo wrote for him* “I’m sexy, a good listener, and an all around great guy.” ...remind me to shoot Maxwell later.
Would you cook for me?: Yes.
Would you let me cook for you?: Sure.
Name: Heero Yuy
Age: 23
Do you like to cuddle?: Not really.
Can we make-out?: Maybe.
A night in or dinner out?: Dinner out.
Ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries?: Ice cream.
:icontalliya:Talliya 2 0
Mature content
Meet Zell Dincht :icontalliya:Talliya 1 0
Sailermoon Artgerm Contest by Talliya Sailermoon Artgerm Contest :icontalliya:Talliya 2 3
Buried Alive
Logan woke groggy and sore, a sensation that occurred all to often lately. He slowly opened his eyes and found that he couldn’t see anything but darkness. He could smell loam and the rich smell of freshly cut grass, though the scent was weak. He was lying on something hard and very solid, the smell of pine strong all around him. “Great,” He growled out, “Buried again.”
He extended his claws on one hand and thrust it forward into the small open space he could sense above him. They thunked into the wood of the box he was in and he slid them along the surface until he could feel bits of dirt falling on him. Thankfully the box wasn’t very thick. He brought his other hand into the action and hacked the wood away and began to dig. He had six feet of earth to go through after all before he would be free and capable of breathing properly. He sighed once before resigning himself to the task and hoping he would be able to hold his breath long enough to survive
:icontalliya:Talliya 1 2
V-Day Reveal 3
V Day Reveal: Kuon Confesses
[Manga Spoilers]
Finally everything was in order, Kyoko’s invites and been received and accepted and Ren’s parents had just arrived in the Tokyo airport where Ren was waiting to greet them. He was still dressed as Ren Tsuruga and was hoping that his mother wouldn’t blow his cover when she saw him. He already knew that he could count on his dad not to. He had called them the day before they left to let them know that he would still be Ren until the party.
As his bubbly mother came away from the baggage line he held up his sign with Kuu and Julie Hizuri written across it. Julie saw him and began gesturing excitedly to Kuu to hurry, “Dear, look, look, look! Boss sent Ren Tsuruga to pick us up! I feel so special!” She giggled delicately as she took Kuu’s arm and they walked to Ren.
“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Hizuri. If you’ll follow me to the car, President Takarada wants to see you as soon as possible.” Ren b
:icontalliya:Talliya 0 0
Mature content
Christmas Surprise! :icontalliya:Talliya 1 0
Genesis Rhapsodos
The time of the Goddess had passed, there were no more dreams and no more heroes. They had each fallen, one by one, to death or despair - Jenova’s taint had taken its toll on them all. Amber hair shone in the fading light of Gaia’s dying sun as Genesis Rhapsodos watched over the graves he had marked out for each of his comrades and their comrades alike. He was the only witness to the end of the world, his Goddess having made him undying before her powers were drained by the Lifestream and shot through those he had once loved.
There were huge rocks with words melted into them by the heat of his heart: his rage, his pain, his pity, his sadness, his laughter, his tears… their words stretched across the ground before him. The lines of his beloved play stuck in his throat and the teasing whispers of his friend’s’ voices haunted him awake or asleep. Each stone said something different: Angeal’s waxed philosophical and full of honor; Sephiroth’s was p
:icontalliya:Talliya 1 0
Christmas in Tokyo
It was Christmas in Tokyo again and President Takarada was as boisterous as ever. He assigned Mogami, Kotonami, and Amamiya to design the LME Christmas cards. They were less than thrilled.
“Ugh! I can’t believe this! Christmas just really isn’t my thing, you know?” Chiori complained as they sat down at a table in their section’s little room.
Kyoko chuckled, “Well it could be worse. We could be being made to fill them out and deliver them to everyone as well.”
Kanae shuddered, “Don’t say that! He might hear you!”
They all paused and looked around the small space quickly then stared hard at the door for a few moments before sighing in collective relief.
“I still don’t understand how he thinks this is going to help us “recapture what we’ve lost”.” Chiori grumbled.
Kyoko shrugged, she wasn’t really sure either, but she wanted to make a really cute card anyway. Having a hand in the design m
:icontalliya:Talliya 1 2
Sailor Pluto by Talliya Sailor Pluto :icontalliya:Talliya 1 2 A Fluffy Kitty! by Talliya A Fluffy Kitty! :icontalliya:Talliya 0 2 Aluvia by Talliya Aluvia :icontalliya:Talliya 1 2 Lumi by Talliya Lumi :icontalliya:Talliya 1 2 Kindah and Tinder by Talliya Kindah and Tinder :icontalliya:Talliya 1 2 Cara Loris by Talliya Cara Loris :icontalliya:Talliya 3 2




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Kay, so... life, what is?

I have a new site Talliya's Domain, where I have up my fanart, giftart, giftfics, fanfics, role plays, random pictures, and whatever else I think of to put on it. Please go check it out if you'd like.

Now that I am no long pregnant (my newest daughter is a month and a half old already!) I've been able to concentrate much better. So far that has meant a lot of Gundam Wing fanfiction. >_> I'm slowly getting back into RPing...very slowly. Most of it takes place on Discord and Tumblr...

I know that my Commissions page still has several things on it that I need to get done, most importantly Shottis's commission. Hopefully I'll be able to get the rest of the chapters done this year.

So, yeah... HI!


Talliya's Profile Picture
Talliya Donovan
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I love art, looking at it, making it, hearing it...
I enjoy reading, writing, and photography.

COMMISSION INFO: Requests, Art Trades, Point Comissions!Yeah, I do them!
CLOSED Kind of in a slump lately.
Story Commissions:
1. Long Chapter story commission for Shottis (Working on Chapter 5)
Art Commissions:
Art Requests: (Obviously not for :points:...) Closed until I get some of the art at the bottom of this journal done.
On going projects:
1. Writing a story for/with Migi47
Below is a list for 'prices' for COMMISSIONS:
:pencil: Writing Examples:
Short One-Shot (1000words or less) 10Points        Long One-Shot (1000words + but not a chapter story) 15Points
Short Ch. Story (5chapters or less) 15-75Points    

░█░░█░░█░ █░
░█░░█░░█░░ (Put this on your page if you RP.)
Rude (FF7) (currently RP him here: :iconff7-rp:)
Quistis (FF8) (currently RP her here: :iconff8-rp:)
Salæ Androf (can be seen here: :iconassassins-creed-rp:) Salae AndrofName:  Salæ Androf
Date: 1187, Third Crusade (Altaïr) period
Age: 17
Sex:  Female
Basic Description and/or Photo: Salæ has shoulder length black hair and dark brown eyes, she is five foot four, well-muscled from training exercises yet lanky. She moves with a gypsy’s grace and is deadly with knives and daggers. She currently wears Assassin’s Grey: Pants and Robe. She’s smart and her best work is with the library; Malik is her ultimate hero.
Background History: Salæ grew up in Masyaf among the Brotherhood. She was an orphan blown in with a storm when she was four years old. She was given a name when she joined the Order; her specialty is hiding to overhear covert conversations and being able to relay the information nearly flawlessly no matter how long ago it was gained. She loves to read and write and therefore spends the majority of her time in the library either reading through histories or reports or writing

Current Residence: Klamath Falls
Favorite genre of music: Rock
Favorite photographer: Myself
Favorite style of art: Anime
MP3 player of choice: The one I own?
Favorite cartoon character: Mrs. Jessica Rabbit
Personal Quote: No, I know what you mean. But I'd like you to tell me so that YOU know what you mean.

"You're like a turtle on a Harley Davidson: fast when you're on it and slow when you're not." About me by my husband.

All of my stories that are not commissions can be found on AO3 (link below). That includes all RP's I'm in (that the other parties have said are okay to post) except for group rps (those are listed on the group's page...and only there).

You can contact me for roleplaying on here, tumblr ( or skype (RoninWarriors/Hel).

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